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Volume 3 is here!

She Is Everywhere! Volume 3, has been awarded the 2013 Enheduanna Award for Excellence in Women-Centered Literature!

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Gathered by Mary Saracino and Mary Beth Moser, this bold, brave, and beautiful compilation of womanist/feminist essays, poems, and artwork showcases work from an international community of women and men who honor the Sacred Female.

The fifty scholars, creative writers, and visual artists in this anthology share their vision for a world that reclaims the inviolability of the Divine Female in all Her many and varied manifestations. Their contemporary voices echo an ancient clarion call to embrace the values of justice with compassion, equality for all people, and transformation.

Radiant sentences from contributors’ work:

“We have a calling in this world, namely to prevent the destruction from continuing.”
Claudia von Werlhof

“I am in the presence of a divine Mother and She is fulfilling a deep longing inside of me.”
Nicole Margiasso-Tran

“I felt an oscillation in time, saw the split-screen image of parallel lives: the 17th century Muslim woman writing these poems in a prison tower and the 21st century American woman, complete with her own limitations, sitting with the poems at her kitchen table.”
Lisa Sarasohn

“Most spiritual feminists conceive of Goddess as a continuum, encompassing living beings, ancestors, spirits, essences, qualities, and vast governing principles like Maat, Tao, and Wyrd — all names for divine Law. We see parallels in the pagan Gothic Halioruna (“Holy Mystery”) and the Great Mystery of Native North America.”
Max Dashu

Cradles the Earth

Contemplate Creation © 2006 Sheila Marie Hennessy (from the back cover)

"We are Her daughter-selves – female and male alike. The Mother hands us all the wheat, the sacred knowledge of Life, as in Eleusis of Old. We all may be Her Daughters, entitled just so: to the seamless Original Heritage in Her core, our Core."
Glenys Livingstone

“Female images have deep roots in time and blackness is associated with Mother Earth and fertility as the source of life and death around the world.”
Lydia Ruyle

 “She was, I am, my daughter is because we are all Her.”
Etoyle McKee

Just as dark matter (mother) in space shapes galaxies, and holds them together, we are shaped and held by the African Dark Mother who has given us Her life force, and resides in the very depths of our being, where the macrocosm is literally reflected in the microcosm…
Leslene della-Madre


Book cover credit: Black Madonna Cradles the Earth © 2010, Yvonne M. Lucia; Photo © 2010, Van Zandbergen Photography